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Protection of the Environment is a Top Priority
Shaikh Isa bin Ali: GPIC & Ministry of Education Co-operate to Raise Youngsters’ Awareness

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GPIC's Chairman, HE Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, has underlined the importance of protecting the environment of Bahrain, both within the GPIC complex and outside it. Therefore, the Board of Directors plan to implement a series of projects that will raise the issue of environmental awareness in youngsters around the country, in co-operation with various government and private organizations, vowing to give the issue top priority.

Numerous environmental projects and programmes have enabled GPIC to achieve its objectives and make it worthy of the praise of local, regional and international organizations in regards to its attitude towards environmental care and responsibility. The awards won by the company on the global level have been attributed to various initiatives launched by the company in this field.

In a statement, HE Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa said: “Since its inception, GPIC has recognised the importance of maintaining environmental balance, and so has thoroughly studied its environmental impact. Hence, all necessary steps and measures have been taken alongside the development of the petrochemical industry to maintain the environment and protect it from harm caused by our complex.

Despite it being more than 26 years since the plants came on stream, all are still operating according to the most stringent local and international environmental standards.” He added that GPIC has already invested millions of dollars into ensuring that environmental regulations are adhered to, in addition to the procurement of cutting edge equipment that complies with the latest environmental requirements, which has in turn generated investment into the qualification of national manpower to manage and operate such high tech equipment and systems.

GPIC's Chairman continued that the company has not only been concerned with projects and initiatives on the industrial level, but that its concerns also include the preservation of the environment of Bahrain as a whole. Numerous projects have been launched by GPIC in this light, including the Charity Farm that was launched in 1992 and the Fish Farm that was opened in 1996.

The Bird Sanctuary was launched in 2001, then the HRH Princess Sabika bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa Garden was inaugurated in 2009. Two years later, the Olive Oasis was opened by HM Queen Marguerite of Denmark, and in the same year the Green IT Centre was inaugurated. Such initiatives have been major landmarks in the company's environmental protection pursuits.

HE Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, GPIC's Chairman, explained that, owing to GPIC's success in the launch of green projects within the complex, it is imperative that the company contributes to the education of various community groups about the preservation of the environment. The Ministry of Education has been one of the key government organizations to co-operate with GPIC in attempts to raise environmental awareness. He added that the company's realization of its responsibility has prompted it to take practical steps in co-operating with the Ministry of Education in organizing environmental awareness lectures and arranging the Education/GPIC Environmental Research Programme.

The Chairman reiterated the company's determination to continue the pursuit of its environmental protection policy through the launch of various initiatives inside and outside the complex, especially in the area of raising environmental awareness among various community groups. The company, led by Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, always examines environmental ideas proposed by GPIC engineers or by students taking part in environmental lectures and competitions organized jointly with the Ministry of Education.

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